Rectangular Horizontal Autoclave

Rectangular Horizontal Autoclave

The Categoryion programs in the pharmaceutical industry are aimed at maximum safety, top quality and high economy. This applies in particular to the sterilization process. Steam Sterilizer continues to be one of the ancient but widely used sterilization techniques in the Life-Science & HealthCare Industry. The process systems now have to meet the most exacting demands for temperature and pressure / Vacuum control and process documentation. A sterilization system represents Therefore, apricus takes measures to ensure that our Sterilizers provide and life cycle economy. Every Sterilizer is produced to your specifications and needs. Flexible options allow selection of the right equipment for each specific sterilization load and packaging.


  • Solid materials.
  • Porous materials like garments, fabrics, etc.
  • Closures, Vessels, Machine and change parts.
  • Empty Glassware, Utensils, Instruments.
  • Solutions in glass ampoules, vials & bottles.
  • Filters and respective accessories.



  • Double walled chamber
  • Inner chamber and lid made of heavy gauge stainless steel SS – 316 L grade with argon welded joints and Exterior (Outer Body) made of Stainless-steel SS-304 L grade. Lid is made of thick stainless steel plate single piece and closed by wing nuts arrangement.
  • Gasket: Neoprene Rubber.
  • Microprocessor based, programmable feature with PLC, 7” inch LCD display, one start/stop key, PT-100 3wire sensor, Automatic soak, purge, Exhaust setting, with alarm set.
  • Fibber Glass resin bonded glass wool insulation.
  • Radial locking system with pressure gauge, analogy thermometer, spring loaded safety valve, steam release valve / cock, water level indicator, stainless steel perforated basket, water outlet, mains indication lamp and pedal lifting device.
  • Immersion type heating elements.
  • Automatic low water cut – off device / switch.
  • Pressure-5-20 Psi Automatic pressure control device
  • Temperature: Ambient to 121°C/134ºC, analogy type thermometer.
  • Safety: Pressure safety valve, over temperature limiter, over pressure limiter, current fuse.
  • Hydraulically tested up to 15 to 20 psi. (Adjustable).
  • Power Supply: 440V AC, 50/60 Hz.
Sr. No. Model No, Chamber
Width Height Depth Heating Volume
1 AS/RH/SS -192 458 458 915 18 KW 192 Ltr.
2 AS/RH/SS – 454 610 610 1220 27 KW 454 Ltr.
3 AS/RH/SS – 568 610 610 1525 27 KW 568 Ltr.
4 AS/RH/SS – 708 762 762 1220 27 KW 708 Ltr.
5 AS/RH/SS – 1022 915 915 1220 27 KW 1022 Ltr.
6 AS/RH/SS – 1532 915 915 1830 27 KW 225 Ltr.