Trunkey Projects Of Hospital

APRICUS STERILIZER PVT LTD with experience in the field of Sterilization is not just an equipment manufacturer; they are your partner in progress. Effective “Hospital Infection Control” means correct handling, storage and transportation practices besides efficient Sterilization & Disinfection. Apricot’s team of trained and dedicated Engineers understands this and can offer you “Turnkey Solutions” for your customized needs.

There is now a focused attention on hygiene and sanitation leading to infection control for patient care.

It comprises below facilities: -

  • Infrastructure &construction of hospital
  • Corporate level structure design
  • Development of operation theatre (OT)
  • Development of CSSD department
  • Interior designing and furniture
  • Electrical wiring & fitting
  • Elevator & escalator
  • Automation
  • Formality & regulations
  • Licence provider
  • NABH applying
  • Equipment & machine
  • Compete plumbing solution

This brings Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) to the forefront in the battle against infection. The CSSD is similar to manufacturing plant producing reusable goods after proper processing in desired condition. Gradual increase in the awareness of hygiene, disinfection & patient care with a need for higher economy & efficiency has forced all the modern hospitals to employ a (CSSD). All the soiled items from different wards, At apricus with our years of experience in Sterilization, & Engineering Solutions we can help you to plan and design a CSSD based on your needs and then supply/install all critical equipment’s, train your staff and maintain your CSSD. Our ability to offer you this complete solution differentiates us from our competition